TEXAS, the great wines of the world, and good people are the core values of Saint Tryphon Vineyard, and let me tell you, you can find some great wine right here in Texas. As well as good people. 

We had a friend’s wedding to attend near Boerne, Texas this Saturday, and I always open the map and search for wineries. Saint Tryphon (click the link for a very cool history lesson and really cool connection to the vineyard) popped up close, so I made a reservation. We had a nice scenic drive out to the place, there are signs, so it’s easy to find. When we rolled up, they had live music outside and at 2 pm weren’t too busy yet. We opted to sit inside with the AC, but it was nice enough in the shaded outside seating area. It was a lovely place.

We tasted 5 of their wines, and they kept improving as we went. We left with three wines: Tempranillo, Petite Syrah, and Grenache.  The bonus is the boxed charcuterie board from Firehouse Fare was amazing and delicious. We will definitely be back at Saint Tryphon!